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Lime Trees Re- Pollard:

This row of lime trees on Victoria road in Diss has a tree preservation order on them. As part of the planning permission for building development on the site the council’s tree officer required the trees to be re-pollarded to prevent any damage to the trees during construction. The tree’s root system also had to be protected as part of the planning permission being granted. Canopy Tree Management dealt with application process on behalf of the property developer.

Victoria 1 Victoria 2
Victoria 3 Victoria 4

Removal of Dangerous Lime Tree

In this case the home owner was very concerned about the health of the large lime tree overhanging their house. We carried out a Visual Tree Assessment and found evidence of decay and disease in the tree and recommended the tree be removed as soon as possible .The tree had a T.P.O on it so we contacted the local council’s tree officer on the customers behalf and after e-mailing some photos of the tree to him we were given the go ahead to remove the tree immediately as it was classed as dangerous.

After safely dismantling the tree with the aid of our cherry picker you could clearly see the extent that the tree was decayed.

Dangerous Lime 1 Dangerous Lime 2
Dangerous Lime 4


Dangerous Lime 3
Dangerous Lime 5


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