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Removal of leylandii hedge;

The client here had just moved into the property that had an over grown leylandii hedge which had not been cut for several years and grown to approximately 20 feet totally blocking the views of the surrounding countryside and leaving the garden in permanent shade. As part of the contract we were asked to dig out all the tree stumps.

Leylandii1 Leylandii2
Leylandii3 Leylandii4

Reducing large Poplars;

The farmer in this case was very concerned that the row of poplar trees on the boundary of his property had become too big as they were now overhanging the main road. Some large branches had snapped off and fallen onto the road. As the land owner the farmer recognised his responsibility to keep the trees safe and wanted to prevent any damage to passing traffic.
We climbed the trees and sectioned them down in small pieces so not to obstruct the traffic.

Large Poplars 01 Large Poplars 02 Large Poplars 03
Large Poplars 04b Large Poplars 05b
Large Poplars 06


Large Poplars 07


Large Poplars
wortham tree
victoria road 3
trees at Bills

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